Thursday, November 6, 2008

MultiReader - PDF and Word Viewer for Your Android G1

*update* HTC's Pdf Viewer and HTC QuickOffice is added to dudeoflife's latest roms which is much better than any other pdf viewer, more info on flashing roms can be found here

This application can read for you Word, PDF, text document (more formats to come : RTF format currently in dev.) Once TTS (text to speach) will be available on Android, I wil enable speach in the application

Why use MultiReader ?
- Can be used in cars/plain/plane to prepare for business presentation,...
- Can be used in assimilating information, ie. foreign languages, training techniques.
- Can be used in place of lengthy books.
- Can be used in public transportation. Instead of wasting your time, you could learn something. Without bringing big, heavy books / reading on small PDA screens.
- Can be used simultaneously with routine household tasks, such as cooking.
- Can be used to review for an exam.

In general : Use it as you would read a book.

Download Here with your G1


  1. This is built with the 0.9 SDK, it doesn't work on the actual G1 phones.

  2. Hi,

    I am the creator of MultiReader, and I am surprise to see it on web site I didn't know ! (like this one)

    The new version 0.5 works on the G1.
    Voice is also working.
    You can try it at :

  3. MultiReader 0.6.1 is now available !

    Bug solved : we have only 1 icon in the application's list. No more crash due to selecting the bad icon.

    Spanish, English, Portugeses, male/female voices !

    As I am actually spending time (investing money ?) into better quality voices, MultiReader is now available for purchase at

  4. I'm really in favor of try before you buy. All I want is to read and search this 358 page pdf file on a regular basis. (It's a song list for the place i go to for karaoke.) It's been loading the doc for 10 minutes and is on page 39/358. We'll see if it works...
    Anyways, you can find it for free at:

  5. OMG... 30 min in and on page 210/358 I accidentally turn my g1 (which is running jesusfreke firmware 1.41 which makes the screen change to landscape format). This makes the load start all over...

  6. This apps,sucks,I hhave never read anthing with it absolute waste of time,no disresect intnded.mykel

  7. G1 was one of the worst things that
    happened in my life and now the
    MultiReader is confirmed the worst
    thing that has ever happend in my life.
    Dont call this an App bro, go hide yourself.