Friday, October 31, 2008

Howto: Manual OTA Update Instructions via Your SD card for the Android G1

Download the update from here:

Note that the filename has RC28, but it actually updates to RC29.

Make sure your phone is fully charged and not connected to your usb charger or cable!

Follow the directions exactly and relax, this will not damage your G1

1. Copy the zip file to your root sd card folder after renaming it to

2. Insert the sdcard to phone and press the home key and red off/on key at the same time(hold it in)

3. when you see a triangle and small cellular picture open the keyboard and press (alt+L)

4. You will then see yellow text, press (alt+S) check what will do in the text.

5. When you finish press home +back to reboot and wait. for the flash of radio

6. you will see chip picture with arrow..wait,wait AND THE PHONE REBOOT ITSELF.

Your finished, wait until your G1 reboots 2-3 times and it will be finished!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

New SlideMe Application Manager

SlideME Application Manager provides an Androidclient for managing the discovery and download of Android applications.

This is an awesome app, and a must have, its like the market app with applications the Market doesnt have

To install : Simply point your android phone's web browser to

Latest release download link is always:

Release: v2.1, Oct 29, 2008
This is a minor release that includes support for version update notification. If a user has installed an application and any updated version is released by the developer, a notification will appear, indicating that a new version is available.
Earlier Releases:
Release: v2.0.2, Oct 23, 2008 (1st public Release 2.0)

Howto: Save Contact from Call Log to Contact List

Press and hold for a couple of seconds on the number in the call log. A pop up will come up where you can do different things including add to contacts

Display Only Contacts with phone numbers in your G1

By default, the contact list displays all your gmail contacts (which can be an issue if you have been a long-time gmail user).

From that list Menu->Display Group->Contacts with phone numbers only displays well... contacts with phone numbers.

Find shortcut keys on your own

Whenever you press the menu button and then the available options pop up, if you then press menu again(hold in menu) you will see the short cut keys for those options for future reference

Howto Quick Launch apps with your G1 and keyboard open

On any screen:

[SEARCH] button and the following letters will quickly jump from one app to another:

L - Calender
P - Music Player
I - Instant Messengers
E - E-Mail
G - G-Mail
Y - YouTube
M - Maps
B - Browser

These are the defaults, and can be changed by going to [MENU] -> Settings -> Applications -> Quick Launch

Howto: Easily Switch between apps

Simply hold in the home key, (the little house) for a few secs, and all the running apps will show, you can use the trackball or your finger to select a running app to quickly switch between them.

Howto: Focus your Android G1 Camera Before you Take a photo

Start up the camera app by holding the camera button for a few seconds.

Press the camera button half way down to auto focus on the subject. A green dot should appear on the screen after the focus is successful. Click to capture.

Howto: Put your Android G1 on Silent Mode or Vibrate only

Decrease the volume all the way using the dedicated buttons on the right.

Increase the volume one step to put the phone in vibrate mode.

The phone can also be put in silent mode by keeping the “end call” button and selecting silent mode. But the phone will not vibrate when you get calls though.

You can set your phone to go to silent mode in your office using the Locale app too.

Howto: Quickly Find Contacts

Open the keyboard from the home screen and start typing. The screen should switch to the contacts page.

Shopsavvy vs Compare Everywhere vs Barcode scanner

Shopsavvy finds almost all the electronics you can scan. The price comparisons are good too. The killer features is the alerts though. Be sure to use it during christmas shopping!

Compare everywhere finds more house hold items than shop savvy. Jam jars, soups, coke cans, it can find anything. A tad slower than shopsavvy though.

Barcode scanner performed the worst. It needs an improved barcode database.

With the competition starting to heat up among android apps, the app that provides the most open data with spam prevention and data cleaning features would be the winner. Think wikipedia, not microsoft office.

Howto: Change the Default Alarm Clock

Open alarm app, press and hold down on the clock. You can now select from a range of clocks.

Boot up Your Android G1 in Safe Mode!

Hold down Menu when powering on, the phone goes into safe mode.

Facebook on the Android G1

If you are a Facebook user you can use to access Facebook on the G1. This is not as nice as the app that runs on Facebook, but is a very usable way to access Facebook from the G1 until some 3rd party creates a Facebook app.
Hopefully this will happen soon, or just a better web interface

T-Mobile G1 User Manual

Click Here to Download the User Manual

Click Here for the User Guide

My favorite apps so far

As for my best/favorite apps so far is the Shopsavvy or Compare everywhere, Ringdroid, Any Cut, and TuneWiki.

What are your favorites?

Useful Android G1 Tricks

I found these tricks on the android community forum and thought they were useful enough to publish.

Holding the home button brings up your 6 most recent apps.

To activate the magnify glass on the browser click the trackball twice.

To make ringtones, alerts, and notifications make a folder inside your memory card each one containing there own name such as “ringtones” “alarms” “notifications”

Turning off the GPS saves battery life to do so go to Menu, Settings, Security and Location.

To rename a folder on the homescreen click and hold the dock at the top of the folders name.

When you want to change a setting just about anywhere on the phone hit menu, it’ll give you options.

Long press the phone key for voice dial.

In browser, and also in pic gallery-

when the zoom + - shows up- you can hold the + down and it will smoothly keep panning in.

To Cut, press Menu and x.

To Copy, press Menu and c

To Paste, press Menu andv

Switch phone orientation to landscape:

In web browser, go to menu>more>flip orientation. This will change the phone orientation to landscape so that you don’t have to open the screen to get it to flip.

Clear your Cache!

If you’ve been using streetview or the browser alot, the cache can quickly get big. I’ve only had the phone for two days and got 20MB back by clearing the cache on these two.

Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Browser > Clear Data

Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Streetview > Clear Data


Saving pictures from the web:

Press and hold the image for 3 seconds, a selection will pop-up either to save image or view image. It may contain more selections if the image contains a link.

In the browser, hold down ALT key and roll trakball for fast scrolling.( Or press space bar for a fast scroll down)

To forward picture and text messages: Press and hold the message.

Use AnyCut (Application in Android Market) to put important contacts on your desktop, I usually use the text one because it’s also useful if you want to call them, just pull up the text screen then hold your finger on their phone number and you can view contact and call them from there, of course you can use AnyCut to make it go straight to their contact info, but I usually am texting people so that’s why I used text.

-in browser, long press trackball/pearl on image to bring up “save image/view image”

-in browser, long press trackball/pearl over url to bring up “open/open in new window/bookmark link/save link/share link/copy link url”

-in browser, press menu to bring up browser menu (go to url/search/bookmarks/…etc); long-press menu to temporarily flash the shortcuts

Some G1 Common Questions Answered

G1 Device Spec Questions
  • Does the G1 support 16GB microSD cards? Yes. microSD cards up to 16GB cards have been tested to work fine.
  • Does the G1 support stereo Bluetooth headsets? Not at this time. The functionality was removed from Android before launch due to developer concerns about the quality of the implementation. It should be added back in at a later point and an OTA will enable this functionality. 
G1 Functionality Questions
  •  I don't have 3G in my area yet, how does the G1 perform in EDGE coverage? Speeds are slower than 3G but the experience is better than most other EDGE devices. 
  • Will my G1 work overseas? Yes. The G1 is a quad-band GSM (850/900/1800/1900) device that also supports EDGE and 3G (1700/2100). At the minimum, you can use it for voice and EDGE data throughout most countries in the world (with a roaming agreement)
  • What are the various light codes? Here is a breakout of what the lights mean
  • Can the G1 be used as a modem/tethered? Tethering is not currently available on the G1 nor is it supported by T-Mobile. 

G1 Common App Questions
  • I set my own mp3 as a ringtone, I don't get the option to select the same mp3 as a notification ringtone.  How do I do this? Download Ring Extender.  It gives you the ability to select your own mp3 files as notification ringtones 
  • How do I save picture messages (MMS)? Currently in order to save a picture you will need to forward it to your e-mail address. The G1 does not currently allow for the saving of images from MMS. 
OTAs and Updates 
  • How do OTAs work? An OTA is an over the air update for the device. Instead of needing to plug your G1 into your computer to update the firmware/software, the G1 regularly "checks in" to see if there are any new updates (similar to how Windows gets new updates) for it. If there is a new update made available the G1 will download it and prompt you to install. 
  • Why did my friend/dad/etc get the OTA and I didn't? It is tough to update every G1 at the same time, instead the OTA is scheduled to be available to only a portion of G1s at a time to keep the process running smoothly. 
  • What is current build number? The current version is RC19.
  • What is the next build and when can I expect to receive it? The next build is RC28 and customers who participated in the two presales should receive their OTA before Nov 1st. Other customers should receive it shortly after.

Electronic Arts makes games for Android mobile phone

Videogame titan Electronic Arts on Wednesday unveiled titles tailored for play on freshly-launched "Google phones" running on Android open-source software.
Globally popular "Tetris" is available for the first of what is expected to be an array of mobile telephones based on a free, open software platform created by a Google-led Open Handset Alliance.

US telecom carrier T-Mobile last week began selling G1 smart phones made by Taiwan-based HTC Corporation. Alliance-member Motorola is believed to be on the cusp of rolling out Android-based mobile phones of its own.

EA said that puzzle-game "Bejeweled" and a videogame version of the real estate empire-building game "Monopoly" will be available for G1 handsets in November and that more games are "in development."

The games will be sold in US stores and online at

"Android is another exciting new platform to offer customers great games with enhancements like touch and tilt capabilities," said EA Mobile vice president Adam Sussman.

EA Mobile has versions of "Tetris," "Bejeweled," and "Monopoly" and other games available for BlackBerry handheld devices and smart phones built with Microsoft's Windows software.

The California company has customized mobile versions of "Spore," "Tetris," "Sudoku," and "Scrabble" for Apple's hot-selling iPhones.

Google phones have been heralded by some in the industry as possible "iPhone killers" because of the potential for them to be offered at low prices and feature service plans supplemented by online advertising woven into Internet services.

© 2008 AFP

Introducing Locale for the Andoid G1

Locale allows you to create Situations, which specify Conditions under which your Settings should change.
For example, your "At Work" situation might notice when your location condition is "1600 Amphitheatre Parkway," and trigger your ringer volume setting to vibrate.
     Conditions are true/false questions that Locale asks, such as "Am I at home?" or "Is my battery below 20%?"
     Settings are the changes that Locale makes to the phone when all of a situation's conditions are met. Example settings include "Turn on call forwarding to my landline" and "Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth."
     One of Locale's most powerful features is its expandability. Our 3rd party developer platform allows for third party plugin conditions and settings.
The platform also includes a global location manager, allowing other applications to reuse locations and saving you from re-entering your favorite locations for each location-aware application.

One of the neat things about locale is that you are able to customize the volume by the time of day for your alarm as well!

Howto: Fix the alarm on your Android G1

Well yesterday I set my alarm to wake up but it sounded off silently, I found a quick fix for this issue. It seems that the usb charger or usb cable is bugged out right now, and this will soon be fixed with an OTA update

For now
Go to Menu->Settomgs->Sd card & phone Storage->Uncheck use for usb storage.

Wal-Mart to sell Android G1 for $148.88

If you were planning on buying T-Mobile's Android G1 directly from the carrier, we suggest you change that plan and head over to Wal-Mart instead. Starting tomorrow, the retailer will be offering the handset at its top ten stores in each market with a $31.11 discount.

Read More

TuneWiki Rocks

TuneWiki is an awesome app for the Android G1, I absolutely love it, its in the market and available for free. Some of the features I like are the auto album-art download and auto-lyric search capability, plus you can also quickly pull up a youtube video of the music your listing too!

TuneWiki is one of the top 10 winners of the Android challenge Phase II

Checkout a video:

Developers site here

Howto: Reboot and Reset your Android G1 Phone

Now all you have to do is pop open that pretty QWERTY keyboard and there are several keyboard shortcuts you can use to accomplish what you want to do:

Home+Back reboot system now - (Soft Reboot)

Alt+L - Toggle log text display - (Toggles between the exclamation and menu options)

Alt+S - apply - (Not brave enough yet)

Alt+W - Wipe data/factory reset - (What I chose, had to re-register, out of the box settings)

Also you can do a factory reset via Settings->SD card & phone storage-> Factory data reset

List of Android Shorcut keys

Switch between applications / quick launch:
Browser SEARCH + b
Contacts SEARCH + c
E-Mail SEARCH + e
Google Mail SEARCH + g
Calendar SEARCH + l
Maps SEARCH + m
Music SEARCH + p
Messaging SEARCH + s
YouTube SEARCH + y

Navigation within lists
Page down SPACEBAR
Jump to end of list ALT + TRACKBALL roll DOWN
Jump to top of list ALT + TRACKBALL roll UP

Typing and text navigation tips:
Insert special character ALT + SPACEBAR opens special character selector
Delete character to left DEL
Delete character to right SHIFT + DEL
Delete entire line ALT + DEL
Persistent CAPS Press SHIFT twice; press SHIFT again to escape
Jump cursor to beginning/end of line ALT + roll TRACKBALL left/right
Create tab character ALT + q
Highlight (select) text SHIFT + roll TRACKBALL
Cut text MENU + x, or Highlight text, press & hold TRACKBALL, select Cut
Copy text to clipboard MENU + c, or Highlight text, press & hold
TRACKBALL, select Copy
Paste text copied to clipboard MENU + v, or Highlight text, press & hold
TRACKBALL, select Paste
Undo change MENU + z
Select all text in field MENU + a, or Highlight text, press & hold
TRACKBALL, select Select all

Browser shortcuts

Open Go to window MENU + s
Open Bookmarks MENU + b
Open Windows MENU + w
View history MENU + h
Refresh or stop page MENU + r
Go back a page MENU + j
Go forward a page MENU + k
Find on page MENU + f
Go to home page MENU + ENTER
Zoom in MENU + i
Zoom out MENU + o
Go to Settings MENU + p
Page down SPACEBAR

Map shortcuts
Directions MENU + d
Select map mode MENU + m
History MENU + h
My Location MENU + 0 (zero)
Go to Settings MENU + p
Zoom in MENU + i
Zoom out MENU + o