Friday, October 31, 2008

Howto: Manual OTA Update Instructions via Your SD card for the Android G1

Download the update from here:

Note that the filename has RC28, but it actually updates to RC29.

Make sure your phone is fully charged and not connected to your usb charger or cable!

Follow the directions exactly and relax, this will not damage your G1

1. Copy the zip file to your root sd card folder after renaming it to

2. Insert the sdcard to phone and press the home key and red off/on key at the same time(hold it in)

3. when you see a triangle and small cellular picture open the keyboard and press (alt+L)

4. You will then see yellow text, press (alt+S) check what will do in the text.

5. When you finish press home +back to reboot and wait. for the flash of radio

6. you will see chip picture with arrow..wait,wait AND THE PHONE REBOOT ITSELF.

Your finished, wait until your G1 reboots 2-3 times and it will be finished!


  1. Is it normal to have a blue LED indicator for a LONG period of time??

  2. I loaded, but it didn't really do much. Def didn't fix touch screen issue I'm having.

  3. for newbies
    when renaming the file to under winxp , just write update and hit enter otherwise the real name will be and the g1 wont be able to recognize the file

    when you insert the micro sd card and then you are ready to hit the home key and the red on/off button , the g1 must be OFF, in order to view the small triangle and cellphone image then hit alt + L
    then alt + S
    then home + back buttons when asked to do it
    then just wait around 3minutes
    all credits to defcon .
    i just found some people having this problems.

  4. mmmm i just noticed i dont have any indicator light anymore
    you have all the time the blue one on, tyler?

  5. does not update, it boots in "safe mode" and does absolutely nothing :( any clue?