Thursday, October 30, 2008

Howto: Put your Android G1 on Silent Mode or Vibrate only

Decrease the volume all the way using the dedicated buttons on the right.

Increase the volume one step to put the phone in vibrate mode.

The phone can also be put in silent mode by keeping the “end call” button and selecting silent mode. But the phone will not vibrate when you get calls though.

You can set your phone to go to silent mode in your office using the Locale app too.


  1. These r good tips but I can't find out how 2 put on the ring AND vibe option like I've always used. T-Mobile was good about having that; I'll b very disapointed if it's not there after being told it was there. - DreamWalker

  2. Yes Lisa!

    Go to Settings > sound and display > Phone vibrate touch to active it.

    Have fun ringing and vibrating.