Thursday, October 30, 2008

Some G1 Common Questions Answered

G1 Device Spec Questions
  • Does the G1 support 16GB microSD cards? Yes. microSD cards up to 16GB cards have been tested to work fine.
  • Does the G1 support stereo Bluetooth headsets? Not at this time. The functionality was removed from Android before launch due to developer concerns about the quality of the implementation. It should be added back in at a later point and an OTA will enable this functionality. 
G1 Functionality Questions
  •  I don't have 3G in my area yet, how does the G1 perform in EDGE coverage? Speeds are slower than 3G but the experience is better than most other EDGE devices. 
  • Will my G1 work overseas? Yes. The G1 is a quad-band GSM (850/900/1800/1900) device that also supports EDGE and 3G (1700/2100). At the minimum, you can use it for voice and EDGE data throughout most countries in the world (with a roaming agreement)
  • What are the various light codes? Here is a breakout of what the lights mean
  • Can the G1 be used as a modem/tethered? Tethering is not currently available on the G1 nor is it supported by T-Mobile. 

G1 Common App Questions
  • I set my own mp3 as a ringtone, I don't get the option to select the same mp3 as a notification ringtone.  How do I do this? Download Ring Extender.  It gives you the ability to select your own mp3 files as notification ringtones 
  • How do I save picture messages (MMS)? Currently in order to save a picture you will need to forward it to your e-mail address. The G1 does not currently allow for the saving of images from MMS. 
OTAs and Updates 
  • How do OTAs work? An OTA is an over the air update for the device. Instead of needing to plug your G1 into your computer to update the firmware/software, the G1 regularly "checks in" to see if there are any new updates (similar to how Windows gets new updates) for it. If there is a new update made available the G1 will download it and prompt you to install. 
  • Why did my friend/dad/etc get the OTA and I didn't? It is tough to update every G1 at the same time, instead the OTA is scheduled to be available to only a portion of G1s at a time to keep the process running smoothly. 
  • What is current build number? The current version is RC19.
  • What is the next build and when can I expect to receive it? The next build is RC28 and customers who participated in the two presales should receive their OTA before Nov 1st. Other customers should receive it shortly after.

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  1. hello how can I install an application on the sd card and not in the phone's internal memory