Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Howto: Download Mp3's with your Gmail App

Well I got allot of mp3's stored in my gmail account, I simply sent mp3's to myself. Anyways you are able to "Preview" MP3 files from your gmail account, but not "Save As" with the gmail app.

If you want to get around this you need to download one of the terminal apps like Terminal Emulator in the market. Once Downloaded start it up and type:
cd /cache
Now list the files
ls -l
Now you will see a file named downloadfile.mpga which is your mp3 file.

Now lets copy it to the cd card:
cat downloadfile.mpga >/sdcard/music/mysong.mp3

Now thats all you gotta do, if you download multiple mp3's they will be named like downloadfile-1.mpga, downloadfile-2.mpga.. etc

(edit) Ha well found that their is a playmp3 command on the g1 and I simply issued:

playmp3 /cache/downloadfile.mpga and it plays for 20-30 secs from the command line


  1. when i type cd /cache i recive the message: CD: can't cd to /cache

  2. Alternatively, I just discovered that I can download the files directly from my Gmail messages by accessing them via the browser rather the dedicated Gmail app.