Friday, November 28, 2008

Introducing G1 Central, GrandCentral Dialer App for The G1!

OMG Im so glade I got a google G1 phone, now I can make free calls
with grandcentral with the G1 Central Dialer!

G1 + Myfaves + GrandCentral # = free calling

Keep in mind Grand Central does not allow invites at this time so you will be unable to make a new account for now, the best thing to do is set a google alert to find out when they open up to the public

G1 Central is an application for Android-based phones which allows you
to place calls to any number from your GrandCentral number. It
supports both Dialer mode as well as reading from your Contact list.

Version 1.01 is in the App Market, but there is updates and svn access here:

2008-11-26 1:03 G1 Central version 1.0.3 Fixed a very minor usability issue.
SHA1: 156ed6d2d1da433642e11d8c5970aefa502cfd61 MD5: 94d779225d8de410ab624d0cdfc94239
2008-11-25 17:02 G1 Central version 1.0.2 Fixed the bug with multiple calls in a row crashing the application.
SHA1: 33bd0b2befc1b1262837144c8b9594b94e718c16 MD5: 6bd76184301b9e17c3f074d9bf08d63f
2008-11-24 23:12 G1 Central version 1.0.1 Fixed a very minor bug with the Contact list
SHA1: e28bfbd0ad1f9730bedc4d3f2b699203ae1cb821 MD5: e69417ba96cf45d21087787718478a6c
2008-11-24 22:38 G1 Central version 1.0.0
SHA1: ccdb9d873623d87f8cd8c32fdead89268352c2ac MD5: 1017b6e9e2d1826b4048aa8c7fd377a4


  1. App works just as good as the one for iphone. Only difference is that with TM all my calls are free now. Awesomeness!!!!!

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