Thursday, November 6, 2008

MobiLogger - Mobile Blogging tool for your Android G1

MobiLogger is a mobile blogging tool for the Android platform. It's main design principles are:

* Do one thing (mobile blogging) and do it well
* No matter where your blog is hosted, it'll be editable with MobiLogger
* Simpler is better

Basically, you just install MobiLogger, configure your blog(s) to MobiLogger and start writing. Currently, MobiLogger is in it's first public release so don't expect it to do eveything. But it's constantly improving!

Release 2008.2 feature highlights:

* Supported blog interfaces or services:
o Blogger/Blogspot
o Wordpress weblogs
o Metaweblog api (Drupal and various other CMSs)
o LiveJournal
* Basic yet capable rich text editing features
* Save entries locally and post when connected
* Easy to use

Download to your phone from here

MobiLogger Readme
Follow the project and submit bug reports here


  1. The link to the APK on this page is broken, though I had no trouble downloading from the google code site. Just FYI.

  2. Oh, but I couldn't install it. Submitted an issue on the google code page.

  3. Hi, the issue you sumbitted has been (hopefully) now fixed.

    The APK you downloaded was not ready for prime time, but now it's working with the latest developer kit, which is supposed to mean that it's working on G1 too.

    However, I don't own a G1, so I would appreciate a lot if someone would test it on a real device.


    Juha from MobiLogger project

  4. apk set for older g1 im guesing since it wont install on my g1