Saturday, November 22, 2008

New: RC30 Mod v1.2 Firmware

JesusFreke has not updated his famous RC30 update to include a ton of new features, check em out:

The primary new features in this version are
- adb shell now works in recovery mode
- a real su (instead of the setuid copy of sh in the last version)
- lots of new goodies in /system/xbin and /system/modules

Other things that have changed from v1.1
- This version has a kernel compiled by Saurik, with more core stuff "turned on", to support more modules (Specifically, /dev/mem and /dev/kmem are available now)
- new features in init
- support for mounting to loop devices
- move flag for mount
- mknod that can wait for a device
- chdir, chroot, usleep, include, trigger
- Changed the init.rc so that it will include /system/init.rc and /data/init.rc, so you can easily add new startup stuff, without having to rebuild/reflash boot.img
- Changed the boot-up recovery flash to look for a file at /data/recovery.img instead of /system/recovery.img, and also to delete recovery.img after a successful flash
- changed the "mount" symlink to be busybox's mount instead of toolbox's mount
- added an /etc/fstab file that busybox's mount can use, that lists the standard system partitions.
- changed the fingerprint back to the official RC30 fingerprint (don't want to let google know you're using a modified build)
- using a newer version of busybox
- moved busybox from /system/bin to /system/xbin

Note: A big thanks to Saurik (the "debian on Android" guy ) for all the changes to init and the kernel, as well as the modules in /system/modules. He also tweaked and recompiled a newer version of busybox. He recently posted his own update that I shamelessly stole this stuff from (with his permission )

It also includes the changes that were made in v1.0 and v1.1. namely
- set, ro.debugable=1, and persist.service.adb.enable=1 in /default.prop, to enable adb to run as root
- Added the ability to mount to a loop in init
- Mount /system/xbin/xbin.cramfs into /system/xbin in init.rc
- Looks for a recovery image to flash at /data/recovery.img instead of /system/recovery.img, and deletes the recovery image after a successful flash
- added back in the telnetd command from RC29

Download Here or Here

you must have the modified recovery image to do this update:

Howto Install:
rename to, place this file on your sdcard, reboot by pressing the call button then menu then the off button, holding them all in.
Enter Recovery mode
  1. reboot your phone with the Boot Modifier home+power (hold home, press power, keep holding home)
  2. press alt+s on the keyboard to apply the file (or press alt+l then alt+s to see details during the update)


  1. If I've already put rc30 ota on can I replace it with this?

  2. google have patched in rc30, so trying to update to rc30 modv1.2 gives a "no signature" exception.

    any suggestions?

  3. @pinguar

    you must have the modified recovery image to do this update :)

  4. @yochaigal

    so, no. if you've already installed rc30 ota (you mean, the stock rc30 update, right?) you can't install this update because you can't get root anymore so you can't install the required modified recovery image so.. finger crossed for another jailbreak. meh.

  5. Yeah figured. The ironic thing is, I had root pre-rc30 ota but updated to the patched (by google) rc30 anyways. Let's hope they find something. But why can't I just compile th os source at rc19 and dump it on there?

  6. will it lock the g1 again? i am using g1 in India so it has to remain unlocked.

    also if anyone can answer, how can i change my gmail id to use core g1 features? i just can't do it now... somewhere i found hard reset can give meoption to change gmail id, but i doubt if that will lock it again?

  7. can i use my g1 as a zip to download the rc30 mod?

  8. can i use my g1 as a zip to down load the rc30 mod?