Thursday, June 11, 2009

HTC Hero Theme 1.2 For the Android G1

New HTC Hero 1.2 Theme

This theme has got to be in my top 5 all time favs in the theme category for the android phone. Reasons being, its complete, well thought out, and almost an exact replica of the hero rom, all accept the Rosie UI. My favorite addition is the 5 home screens :)

Ahhh so this theme looks hot huh? Honestly its nothing compared to the Hero Rom with Rosie UI, if you want to take the risk of flashing the rom and feel like you want to live on androids bleeding edge, check out the SuperHero Rom Here

Special Features:
  • Multiple Rom Support
  • 5 Home Screens
  • Auto Rotate on Home Screen
  • 5x4 Icon Layout in App Drawer Portrait
  • 6x3 Icon Layout in App Drawer Landscape
  • Custom Lock Screen
  • Hero Transition/Animation Effects
  • Hero Analog Clock (4x3)

Official Releases
HTC Hero v1.2 (5.78MB) [Rapidshare] | [4shared]
HTC Hero v1.1 (5.69MB) [Rapidshare] | [4shared]
HTC Hero v1.0 (5.64MB) [Rapidshare] | [4shared]

Beta Releases
HTC Hero Beta4 (5.66MB) [Rapidshare] | [4shared]
HTC Hero Beta3 (6.03MB) [Rapidshare] | [4shared]
HTC Hero Beta2 (6.00MB) [Rapidshare] | [4shared]
HTC Hero Beta1 (6.14MB) [Rapidshare] | [4shared]

Theme Modifications
2x2 Night Clock Widget (93.5kb) [Rapidshare] | [4shared]
4x3 Night Clock Widget (140kb) [Rapidshare] | [4shared]
4x3 Day Clock Widget (141kb) [Rapidshare] | [4shared]

HTC Hero Sounds [Rapidshare] | [4shared] (extract to sdcard)

Install:(Works with latest DudeOfLife, And Cyanogen Rom's)
Download to /sdcard/
Enter recovery then ALT-S to install the theme.
Credit: tehseano

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