Thursday, June 11, 2009

Introducing Twidgit, The First and Best Twitter Widget for Android!

Its only been a few weeks since cupcake has been released to everyone and Twidgit The very first Twitter widget appeared in the market by a talented 22 year old named Matt Woodfield

Twidgit is A Twitter homescreen widget that updates with your most recent timeline feed,
views the last 20 tweets, allows you to reply to each & set your status in an instant without having a resource intensive app running that slows down your G1

Twidgit Already has great potential to beat the top twitter apps on the market like Twitdroid, Twit2go, and a few others.

It looks like Twidgit 1.1.6 was removed off the market anticipating a new 1.1.7 release!

Matt just posted this announcement on Twitter!

Here is 1.1.6 if you want to check it out, download like any other app within your G1 browser and install, and longpress your homescreen->Widget->Twidgit Lite
IMPORTANT If updating, please remove existing widget from home screen before install

[EDIT] Lite 1.1.7 released to the android market. Update includes text correction, char counter & tweet timestamps. More coming soon…

Click Here From your Android Device to Download
More info Here
Follow the Developer on Twitter

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