Friday, June 12, 2009

JACMan 1.62 Modified Hero ROM

There has been allot of HTC Hero Rom modifications, this seems like it could be one of the best, one i'll definitely be flashing this baby soon.

You must install the latest Radio & Spl for this build: instructions here

Manup and Justanotherdev put alot of hard work into this (modified .xmls drawables and alot under the hood, not just moving files around) so credit us if you use our work!!!! ! And don't rip Manup456 or Justanotherdev off. Pay some respect and contact them first.


JACMan Hero r1.62

Changes in 1.62
1.62 is just adding back Youtube, PDF Reader, QuickOffice and Mail.apk that 1.61 was missing.
All widgets except weather. (I'm looking into why the weather widgets are having a fit) Load them from the resources if you want them. APPS2SD.apk put back in so you can use it like in 1.4. All other changes from 1.6 remain.

Changes in r1.61
outube, PDF Reader, QuickOffice and Mail.apk were removed and weather widget/app was added.Reverted to SYMLINK method for APPS2SD

Changes in r1.6
-Minor changes to the 2.6.29 Kernel
-UnionFS support but we are still going to symlink for now
-Manup456'smodified xml's drawables and graphic and .apks
-All widgets put back into /data/app_S
-modified trigger support
-Modified RAMDISK with noatime, nodirtime, EXT/EXT3 mount support
-Sensor Hardware and LED Light .so updates (still not functioning ATM)
-BT permissions fix for the Dbus "chmod 666 /dev/socket/dbus/" (a step forward BT still not working)
-Fix permissions on /data/app in update-script
-Fixed Browser downloads issue
-Fixed Flash Player issue

***NOTE***APPS2SD requires a class 6 card, class 4 (4GB cards are the worst!!!)cards have been reported more issues with slowness than anyone even those with class 2 cards.

Hero r1.5 Fully Optimized
This should not have been uploaded. APPS2SD via unionFS is broken and can't be fixed in this update, not with any easy method anyway. I've had people report it runs great, if it does that is awesome but just understand APPS2SD support via union will not work. You could go ahead and symlink everything as they wont be broken on reboot on this particular build.

Hero r1.4 Fully Optimized
-Ion Dalvik VM
-Marcus APPS2SD1 (symlink) included out of the box
-BusyBox Included
-Phone.apk fixed
-Dexopt-Wrapper Included
-Fully Optimized out of the box (.Odex'd)
-Superuser.Apk Included Included (Terminal App)
-HTC IME instead of HTC CIME
-Rosie.apk and core files for a stable/fast build reside on internal memory even after APPS2SD!!!
-Data/System partition optimized
-PSCII.apk removed

Wipe Recommended

First things First!!!!

For r1.61 we are sticking with SYMLINKS for now. I put Marcus's APPS2SD.apk back in. As soon as I figure out something better that will work...easily for people you will have it. So think of this as a direct upgrade from 1.4...the unionFS support is there but isn't being used.

For r1.4 YOU NEED TO GO TO TERMINAL SU THEN "chown system.system /data/app" before you can download from the market!!!! For VK enable under Settings>Locale and Text and Reboot. Also you might as well disable auto backlight it does not work and will not work.


r1.4 IS SYMLINK APPS2SD BUILD - MD5:3857F96C6503AE1CE1F54E5B98BD78C2

Widget's/Weather.apk/Hero Audio Resources available here:
Primary Download Site

Step 1 - Install
Mount your SD card on your current ROM
Copy to the Root of you SD
Power Off the phone
Power on via Recovery Console(Home+Power)
Apply a Wipe - Alt+W
Apply Update - Alt+S
Reboot - Home+Back

Step 2 - APPS2SD: Part 1 Check for a mounted EXT2 SD card partition

If you haven't partitioned your SD card you need stop here and get that completed. Open Terminal and make sure your EXT2 partition is mounted by typing "df" or "mount". You should see you SD card mounted under /system/sd with the its appropriate attributes.

Step 2 - APPS2SD: Part 2 Run APPS2SD

Launch the included APPS2SD or download it from Marcus's tutorial for 1.6 to move apps to a EXT2 partition on your SD card. You wont get any message that its done just wait about 5 minutes and reboot. (you may see some force closes dont worry)

Step 2 - APPS2SD

Configure you SDcard per Marcus's APPS2SD tutorial and boot,use the included .apk to move everything just like 1.4

Step - 3 Enjoy!

Enjoy a COMPLETE fully optimized Hero build that runs plenty smooth for daily use

NOTE - This ROM can be run with or without APPS2SD.

Known Bugs/Issues With ALL Hero Builds(These will be looked at later):
Reboot not permited from terminal.
LED notifications not working.
Home Screen & Lock Screen wallpapers can not be set from gallery.
HTC widget for photo album and photo frame force closes.
No landscape view of home when keyboard is open.
Attach MMS force close

Tip from "buttkicker" to switch between Rosie and the Regular Launcher.apk. No Rosie UI Switcher needed[b]
Just do this on your phone.
- Go to "Settings >> Applications >> Manage applications"
- Scroll and click on "Rosie".
- Click on "Clear defaults"
- Press the home button
- Check the box for "Use by default for this action"
- Select "Home"

If you like this work visit JustanotherDev on Twitter.

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