Friday, January 21, 2011

T-Mobile Takes the Low Road, Vibrant Update is NOT an OTA

What a mess these two company’s have created for themselves and for the consumers. Not only have we been impatiently waiting for some sort of good news from T-Mobile and Samsung about Froyo finally rolling out, but now they force it through Kies Mini.
For the majority of the U.S. users, Samsung Kies Mini isn’t a readily known application. It is a free PCapplication that allows you to sync various files through the software to your device. It is also used for installing updates to your device. The full version of Kies is used extensively in the U.K. for updates and seems to work out pretty well.
Here is the conflict with the program, although it is free, it still requires a bit of technical know how. I am not a complete noob on software and even I had some trouble getting things to connect correctly. Not only does this add one more step and complication for users, but not everyone is on a PC. If you are aMAC user I hope you have some friends that will let you use their Windows based PC.
The way I see it, you may as well have just given up on the official update and gone a head and rooted your phone. After all, it is also ‘just a downloaded application’. Sorry T-mobile but this was not the way to make this happen. This is only going to prolong the situation. There is still no word yet of if an OTA might find its way out to people or not. We will keep an eye out for any development on it.
If you plan on attempting this update through Kies Mini, here are some pointers and the download link.
  2. You can view a full support and install instructions from Samsung
  3. You will need to register your device or the software won’t recognize it. You can register it also.
  4. Set the USB Setting to “ask on connection”. You do this by going to Menu>Settings>Applications>USB Settings>Ask on Connection. You need to do this so you can select “Kies” when you plug your device into your PC.
  5. If you are still having issues getting it to connect, leave the application open and keep unplugging and plugging it in. It should eventually recognize your device.
I hope that helps a few people get through the update process.
Source: Thedroidguy and TmoNews

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