Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cyanogen's Heavily Optimized Android G1 ROM v3.4

Cyanogen is maintaining a custom ROM based on Android 1.5r2 focusing on performance and reliability, with some additional features. Yes, this will work just fine on your non-ADP devices. Cyanogen focuses very hard on making his roms bleeding edge and making his roms use the G1's full hardware potential. He seems to be a linux guru and compiles his own kernel off of the latest cupcake branch 1.5r2. He currently is the most active rom developer at the moment. I personally prefer DudeOfLife's latest rom because of the looks and speed even though cyanogen's may be a few days newer.

Cyanogen's Disclaimer:
While this build is heavily optimized, it is also capable of pushing your G1 much harder. I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or the current economic crisis. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it!

  • Based on AOSP 1.5r2 with some help from JF-1.51-ADP
  • Enhanced ramdisk to mount partitions with noatime/nodiratime (perf boost)
  • Includes E2FSProgs for checking and converting Ext filesystems! (3.3)
  • Apps2SD via AUFS (same as UnionFS) enabled by default! (3.3)
  • Includes script to upgrade to ext3 (from recovery mode, see FAQ)
  • Uses Ext3 for Apps2SD
  • Includes HTC Framework libraries
  • Includes PDFViewer and Teeter
  • Includes latest HTC_IME with long-press, calibration, and compact QWERTY.
  • Modified Launcher to allow for sensor-based rotation that actually works.
  • Sexy pattern-lock from Sapphire
  • Added modifications to remount filesystems readonly at shutdown, and fsck at boot (should stop FS corruption)
  • Includes T-Mobile IM application and Amazon MP3
  • Does not require the "special" SPL
  • Optimized kernel (no debug options, cfq iosched) (3.3)
  • Includes Haykuro's APN list
  • Tweaked frequency scaling options to be more responsive
  • Maximum CPU scaling frequency set to 528MHz (3.3)
Download: to /sdcard
MD5Sum: 7b5db59053639eca5180f5a36cf3896c
Reboot into Recovery with Home+Power
Wipe with ALT-W
Flash with ALT-S, and sit back and chillax
Re-Login to Google and enjoy!

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