Thursday, June 11, 2009

DudeOfLife's Pimped Out 1.3b11 G1 Cupcake Rom with Hero Theme!

DudeOfLife is by far my favorite rom developer, he has optimized the hell out of Android for the Dream and made it pretty too. This is a classic reason why I love my G1 so much, the ability to enjoy custom compiled roms from the development community with direct feedback from the open-source community.

Recent updates:
  • dalvik virtual machine from Ion, and used cyanogens kernel
  • Updated weather widget.
  • Added code to update script to remove old weatherwidget and data
  • Recompiled to andriod 1.5r
  • replaced some librarie's and providers
  • Added Meltus V2 and Bluetooth Fix
  • /data/ partition stuff
  • Sms Delivery report's
  • Switched to cyanogens boot for improved kernel/aufs apps2sd method (till i get my kernel worked out with aufs )
  • Modified a2sd script to mount auto but not automatically convert to ext3
  • Created tune2ext3 script that converts your ext2 partition to ext3
  • New a2sd script from marcus/cyanogen that fixes permissions and doesn't have any issues with installing applications, lack of free space.
  • Louderv4 from Meltus
  • Updated libhtc_ril (from hero, should make latitude happy)
  • Hero port theme with green status bars and hero animations (no rosie)
  • Waiting for new services.jar update with headphone fix...
  • Moved 3rd party apps / dev apps to separate update.
  • working on a new recovery img that has apps2sd support for pushing data updates to sd card and setting up apps2sd or converting partitons.
  • created odex files and removed classes.dex from system apps (won't fit on original spl...working on it..)
  • dalvikvm from ION (reported speed increases same as Ion phones)
  • Added Amazon mp3 from ION (thanks to disconnect for getting ion out so quickly)
  • Added "Louder" AudioPara CSV files by Meltus
  • Added IM Application (AIM, Yahoo, MSN)
  • Updated Kernel from JF1.51
  • added noatime to mount options for ext2 partition
  • Updated theme from Manup
  • White analog clock from Stericson (Full build only)
  • Full time Charging lockscreen from stericson (themed by manup) (full build only)
  • Latest a2sd script from marcus (should eliminate no space errors)
  • Multitouch browser and kernel
  • 5 Home screens w/o custom Home app
  • Launcher in portrait mode has 5 x 4 icons
  • Launcher in landscape mode has 6x3 icons
  • Single update, no more this build or that build.
  • MarcusMaximus' Super Easy apps2sd method ready. Just create partition, copy files and smile. or use his app
  • Tethering works. I suggest anetshrare:
  • Build optimized with JF's build environment.
  • Headset button bugfix by lalochz
  • Built in theme by manup
  • Market works. - Paid, Protected, and Free apps can download/install
  • Google Sync (Contacts, Calendar, Gmail) from ADP1.5
  • Latest kernel from JesusFreke
  • Haykuro's excellent ramdisk with some modifications to allow htc developed apps
  • Possible 72 Locales (I'm going to start weeding out the bad ones by 1.0, but I'd prefer to get language packs from you guys )
  • Google VK (HTC VK possible to be installed as a 3rd party app)
  • Browser Works, zoom etc
  • Working Gtalk (No other IMs, but there's an app for that ) (I have the standard IM app if anyone wants to take a crack at making it work)
  • Teeter from HTC
  • Wifi and Wifi Location Services working
  • Calculator
  • PDFViewer
  • HTC QuickOffice
  • Busybox with symlinks to many apps in /system/xbin/bb/
  • Superuser / root abilities by zinx
  • Email from ADP1.5
  • GPS / Location Services enabled
  • Camera/Video Recording
  • YouTube HQ and Video Uploading
  • Terminal emulator from JesusFreke compiling one for you guys soon
Download Dudes 1.3b11 Rom to /sdcard

First upgrade your spl if you already have not:
Download SPL
Rename to
put on root of sd
ALT-W to wipe (optional)
Then ALT-S to flash
Then Reboot to Recovery, press ALT-X then enter to enter terminal
mount /sdcard
cd /sdcard
cd /
umount /sdcard

ALT-S to Flash, the first boot is pretty slow so be prepared to wait 20 mins or so.

Rom Developer: DudeOfLife

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