Friday, June 12, 2009

The Dudes Cupcake 1.3 RC1 Released

The Dude Of Life just released a new rom with the following fixes:

  • Switched to cyanogens boot for improved kernel/aufs apps2sd method (till i get my kernel worked out with aufs )
  • Modified a2sd script to mount auto but not automatically convert to ext3
  • upgrade_fs binary to convert ext2 to ext3
  • fix_permissions script from cyanogen
  • New a2sd script from marcus/cyanogen that fixes permissions and doesn't have any issues with installing applications, lack of free space.
  • Louderv5 from Meltus once he releases it.
  • Updated libhtc_ril (from hero, should make latitude happy)
  • hero port theme with green status bars and hero animations (no rosie)
  • Waiting for new services.jar update with headphone fix...
  • Moved 3rd party apps / dev apps to separate update.
  • Added Wiftether 1.51 from
  • created odex files and removed classes.dex from system apps (won't fit on original spl...working on it..)For a full overview of his rom checkout my review here included all the changes and screenshots!

Click Here to download

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