Thursday, June 11, 2009

Introducing GV - Google Voice App For Android!

I have been a Google GrandCentral user for over a year, and a few months back Google Voice was released! Before Google Voice was even released Evan Charlton an Android Developer that created successful android apps like FML, Mileage, and G1 Central released GV to the Android Market!

GV is an Android front-end to the Google Voice service.

This application is free and source is available under the Apache 2.0 license.

  • Easily configured to route all calls from your Android device through Google Voice.
  • Or selectively dial contacts (or ad-hoc numbers).
  • Use visual voicemail to listen to, download, delete, or reply to your voicemail messages.
  • Send SMS messages from your Google Voice number, and receive the(free SMS!)
  • Browse your call log (placed/missed/received calls) in a visual way.
  • View Voicemail Transcripts on the Fly before listening to the actual message
  • Full SMS support (conversations, replying, much better composition view, etc).
  • Faster loading
  • Recursive loading of voicemail, call logs, SMS
  • Delete call log entries
  • Restored callback dialing. Due to user feedback, I revamped and restored the callback method of initiating a call. This works when calling from GV as well as when GV is set to route all calls through Google Voice.
Version 2.2.3: Introduces Faster loading, voicemail transcripts, *full* SMS capabilities!!!
Added some nice auto-text features on the SMS composition text area and fixed a bug with the unread-checker service (caused when the net connection couldn't find

Search for "GV" in the market or click here from your Android Device to me directed to the market!
Follow GV Development Here

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